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The Herb man Story

Khabir Southwick aka Herb Man was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, where his parents taught him about nutrition and herbal medicine from an early age. He was fascinated by the possibilities that existed in the herbal world, and began using them to make his own medicinal teas for friends and family. It was no time before he recognized herbalism as his passion and purpose, kicking off his journey to becoming the Herb Man he is today.

As a boy raised in the west, he began his studies with western herbal medicine in order to properly use the herbs he was encountering around him. Along with this he studied traditional nutritional sciences, as his parents made him aware of the importance of proper nutrition from a young age. Despite his deep love for the western herbal system, he knew his destiny as an herbalist required him to expose himself to as many herbal systems as possible. With this realization, he ventured off from the humble life of an Arizonan in order to pursue his studies internationally.

His quest took him to over 60 countries, each with their own herbal healing traditions for him to learn. Though all had merit, it wasn’t until he arrived in India and discovered Ayurveda that he knew he had found a herbal system worth his full devotion. For almost 20 years, he apprenticed to various renowned Ayurvedic doctors. With this training, Khabir acquired the expertise needed to return to the U.S.A and open his own clinic.

Now after another nearly 30 years of consulting, he is an internationally renowned health consultant, master herbalist, Naturopath, wholefood nutritionist, and instructor on natural health care, especially Ayurveda. Here at Herb Man Teas, we only offer a small selection of the 400+ herbal products Khabir uses in his practice.  Although he has decided to publicly offer his most popular herbal teas, he continues to run his two healthcare clinics in Southern Texas and Southern California.

​​If you are interested in receiving personal health guidance and individualized herbal remedies from the Herb Man himself, contact his office or visit his website to learn more about his services.

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