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Now for the reason we do this, to change lives for the better. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve heard from all you beautiful tea-drinkers over the years. If you’d love to share how Herb Man Teas has impacted you, we’d love to hear it. Feel free to send an email with your testimonial over to info@herbmanteas.com.


"The Teas are amazing and work almost instantly depending on blend purpose. I enjoyed the fast shipping, quality of herbs, sample tea and additional info was a bonus! I will be ordering until Kingdom come.  These teas have been such a blessing for my family. I can’t wait to see what else is next".  Victoria Diaz & Joshua Hanak, March 15th 2024

" I found Khabir’s initial assessment thorough and helpful. The teas and herbs he prescribed are already ( in one week) making a difference in my energy level and blood pressure. His knowledge is extensive and I love the way he connects the dots!" Patty Van Dyke, Ojai, CA, Oct 2018.

"Khabir and his staff are so helpful and knowledgeable, they really helped me understand what I needed for my specific body type to help me be me best-balanced self!  The herbs have been great I took more of the pitta colon and that helped easily of going.  Everything has been going great!  Thank you so much for all your help!" Danielle Andrea, Ventura CA,  April 2019

"Khabir Southwick is best [Ayurvedic] herbalist in CA USA outside of India.  He often travels to India to polish his knowledge and in turn, US citizens are benefited a lot with his treatment.  He has got ample knowledge of herbs and diet to follow." Kirit Avlani, North Hollywood, April 2019

"I met Khabir when he taught a Cooking with Spices class at the local Whole Foods Market. His knowledge of Ayurveda was extensive and he spoke with confidence about things I wanted to know more about.  He spent several hours with me during an intake appointment and I felt very seen and understood.  Years later I still count on his expertise and order products from him from across the state because I believe in the quality and the care with which they are procured." Marilyn Lauer, Santa Clara CA, April 2019

"Incredible herbalist, helped me with boosting my immune system, helping me overcome a chronic cough, helped me with my digestion, etc. His herbal formulas really work and I feel he gets to the physical root of the issue! Highly recommended." Loa Arnoth of Transformational You, Ventura CA, April 2019

"I have been able to get off all medications and manage my diabetes, celiac, high blood pressure and other disorders with just a change in food and using the herbs he supplies me with. I have lost weight, kept it off, and feel healthier than I have in years. I was searching for a better way to get healthy rather than just taking pills all the time. These herb remedies WORK!  I highly recommend seeking out his advice and treatment. He is knowledgeable, kind, absolutely committed to your health." Christine MacInnes, Glendive, MT, April 2019

"Khabir has a vast knowledge of herbs and holistic healing and an extremely compassionate presence." Maya Shaw-Gale from Creative Edge Coaching & Right Use of Power, Santa Barbara, CA.  March 2020

"When I came to Khabir I could barely breathe. After only a month of taking his magical herbs and teas, I am finally seeing the light. He was direct in telling me that my condition is not an immediate fix and may take longer than usual. But I count small steps forward a good direction. I felt a difference within the first couple of weeks and am getting stronger and breathing better every day. Can’t wait to see where I am in 6 months!" Anne Day, Los Angeles, CA.  Sep. 2020

"Health issues resolved! I had been suffering from swelling in my body due to thyroid and severe allergies for years.  I lost hope in resolving these health issues on top of that my allergy and sinus was getting worse due to cold weather. Luckily my friend recommended Mr. Southwick . My first appointment was in-depth. Every herbal [product] he recommended started working since day one.  Swelling has gone down and my allergies are almost gone!  New year resolution is to stay with natural treatment ONLY!  I highly recommend Khabir! Naila Khan, Daly City, CA. Jan 9th 2021

"Khabir is very Knowledgeable in Herbal remedies and has high quality teas that produce results well worth the money"
- Andy Schmidbauer from All City Construction and Drywall on May 2021

"I have been seeking advice from Khabir since 2014. I highly respect his advise, knowledge and experience. He has helped with numerous problems over the years. The most recent was a bleeding ulcer & sinus/lung congestion and with just a few adjustments and his amazing teas, I already have relief within a few days. Best Herbalist I've know! Thanks Khabir!"
- Linda Blankemeyer from SoCal Superior Properties Inc, Los Angeles, CA. May 24th 2021

"Seven months into the treatment, diet changes, herbal [products] (miracle btw), I can digest anything and have not used digestive enzymes for three months now. I am very grateful to have met Khabir and diet that he helped for my body. [The treatment] is working perfectly well. " Giyah Mikhael, Madrid, Spain. Aug, 2021

"I wanted to thank you for all your help and wonderful products you have created, as I have been feeling better than I have for a long time and my skin has cleared up. You are extremely skilled and an expert in herbs. You have given me lots of great advice, as well as guidance on diet, herbs, and overall important aspects of my life to work on to help me gain better health and heal my skin. It's great to have nice skin again!!!!!  Thank you so much!!!" Sally Mitchell. Rigby, ID, Nov. 2021

"Thanks for your herbal prescriptions to correct areas of my life that I was having problems with, I am feeling a lot better thus making life a more enjoyable experience. Dr. Khabir's professionalism and enlightenment are a blessing during these difficult times, his prescriptions for herbal remedy to illness a blessing." Gorton Vallely, Laguna Niguel CA,  June 2022

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