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About Herb Man

Herb man was born to do what's natural

Have you ever imagined you lived in a world where you could find an herb for anything? Well, feel free to quit imagining it, and try to accept that you're living in it. When Herb Man realized this long ago, he set off to figure out how he could handle the problems around him with the solutions nature provided. That's the beginning of the tale of Herb Man, a long and wild adventure that couldn't even begin to be explained here. Intrigued? Head on over to our About section to uncover more about the Herb Man's life and mission.


What y'all have said about the teas

Nothing makes us smile like hearing how our teas have done good for those of you who enjoy them. Here's your chance to smile too, feel free to browse through reviews from dozens of happy people.

  • Andy Schmidbauer

    All City Construction and Drywall on May 2021

    "...high quality teas that produce results well worth the money"

  • Kirit Avlani

    North Hollywood, April 2019

    "Khabir Southwick is best herbalist in the USA outside of India."

  • Gorton Vallely

    Laguna Niguel CA,  June 2022
    ". . .his prescriptions of herbal remedies for iillness is a blessing."
  • Sally Mitchell.

    Rigby, ID, Nov. 2021

    " thank you for all your help and wonderful products you have created. . ."

  • Elissa Kerhauls

    Encinco, CA

    "master herbalist and guide"

  • Marilyn Lauer

    San Francisco, CA, April 2019

    "Khabir Southwick is a fountain of knowledge and health . . .."

  • Judy Robertson

    July 2018

    " Your methods and teas had helped me tremendously in a short amount of time..."

    About the teas

    Why Herb Man Teas Produce Results

    Here at Herb Man Teas, we are committed to producing the highest quality product possible regardless of the cost. We take great care of the herbs we use, always choosing to source them from sustainable, organic, reliable suppliers so they can provide the greatest benefits possible.
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